You Gave Wings To Me

February 25, 2012 6 comments

The journey began:
It was 12th December 2011.
I was sitting with my better half(My Dell Notebook).
The bug had bitten me.I was feeling restless and passionate.Then I thought “Let Me Do Something”.
Within a few clicks the domain name became mine.The experience that I had earned through my previous blogs proved to be very useful here.
The Idea was simple,”Put online everything and anything”. But unfortunately, I am a bit lazy and foodie(Food is my Girlfriend :P) kind of guy.So, have a very little time to write my feelings here.
I apologise!!
Yesterday night!
My brainchild(This Blog) have crossed 1000+ view mark.
So its high time to say a thanks(You guys deserve it) :).
I owe this success to my paa(I acquired his creativity),my maa(I acquired her simplicity),Nehul Varshney(My bestie,She is reading my blogs since no one was here to read them),Harshita Shrivastava(I take all my inspiration from her,I will demand her autograph soon 🙂 ),Tanuj Gupta(Very first buddy who have firm believe in me),Anshul sir(My mentor who always say “You can do it”),Priyank Singhal(My mentor,humanity principal,inspiration and a true friend),Nitiprabha jadon(One of my close associate n truely deserves a party 🙂 ),”Gaurav Sultania,Parikshit Chahar,Krishna Panda,Anurag Sinha,Rahul Bhardwaaj,Gaurav Singh,Ansul Gupta,Sunny Bansal,Hariballabh Dutt Sharma and more(My brothers from the Kota family,those gave me so much!! )”.
I also want to thank all the fellows,friends and mentors.You have provided me with so much love and encouragement.You improved me and made me a better human being.
Last but not the least,I wanna thank my silent readers because this milestone could not be achieved without your efforts,support and love.
Once again,”Thank You” 🙂
You Gave Wings To Me

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Ehsas: Shabdon ki jubaan-3

February 24, 2012 6 comments

Ehsas:Shabdon ki jubaan-3 written by ur buddy @Anmol Garg:

Gaur Farmaiyega

Naraj tumse nahi
Tere is be-rukhe bartav se hoon
Khafa mai tumse nahi
Tere is ankahe algav se hoon
Dooriyan to pehle bhi thin
Aaj bhi hain
Ek pal sochta hoon
Kyun na bhool jaun sab kuch
Aur tera naam mita doon
Par daar lagta hai
kahin ek din tumse hi na pooch bethoon ki “Tum kaun ho?”
Naraj tumse nahi
Tere is be-rukhe bartav se hoon
Is baar shayad tumse baat karne ki himmat na juta paun
Dil chahta hai gumnami ki is bheed mai kahin kho jaun
Naraj tumse nahi
Tere is be-rukhe bartav se hoon
Khafa mai tumse nahi
Tere is ankahe algav se hoon


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Ehsas: Shabdon ki jubaan-2

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Ehsas:Shabdon ki juban-2 written by ur budy @Anmol Garg:
Gaur Kijiyega

Tum mere liye ladi is jamane se
Mai katrata raha tumhe apnane se
Kuch ehsas juban par kabhi aye nahi
Na galti tumhari thi
Na galti humari thi
Sochta hoon to lagta hai,wo waqt hi aisa tha
Teri pyaari si hasi
Wo dil ko lubha dene wali muskan
Aaj bhi basi hai kahin dil ke kone mai
Piche mudkar dekhta hoon to lagta hai bahut aage nikal aye hain
Par teri yaadein aaj bhi saath hain
Har roj ek nayi subah hoti hai aur dhal jati hai
Dil karta hai, un “Anmol” lamhon ko chura loon
Aur kabhi jane na doon kisi bahane se
Tum mere liye ladi is jamane se
Mai Katrata raha tumhe apnane se


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Ehsas: Shabdon ki Jubaan

February 22, 2012 6 comments

Written in the most nostalgic moments by ur buddy @Anmol garg:
Gaur Farmaiyega

Aaj kai dinon baad
Tumse baat karne ki hasrat hui
Phone uthaya
Button Dubaye
Tumhara naam dekh kar
Ek halki si muskan in hotthon par ter gayi
Number milane hi wale they ki laga
Kahin tumhare pas waqt na hoga humare liye
“Anmol” they wo pal
Jab tum Hajaron ki bheed mai mujhe pehchan lete they
Aaj lagta hai,ki ab mai bhi tumhare liye us bheed ka ek hissa hun
Tumhare liye ek tarana,auron ke liye ek kissa hoon
Tumhare liye ek tarana,auron ke liye ek kissa hoon
Auron ke liye ek kissa hoon.


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Real life Experiences Unplugged_1

February 16, 2012 Leave a comment


Sometime it’s better to say no rather then saying a yes everytime and compressing yourself.
Saying a No can keep you away from a lot of ambiguities and peace of mind is it’s bi product.
So,next time you are not willing to do anything.
say a straight “NO”.

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Advertisement’s in the News Feed

December 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Macca of Social Networking!

Facebook has announced that it will showcase advertisements in the News feed section of our Facebook accounts.
This move of Facebook was expected from a long while.
As we all know,the shares of Facebook fallen to earth after the grand opening of its IPO at $800 million.
So,Facebook is planning major acquisitions and have done some of the acquisitions in order to strong its position in Social media space.
It previously acquired the Silicon valley based startup “Timeline” to take the social media experience of its users to next level.
The outcome of this experiment will be worth watching.
Still,the response from the business gallery is very positive.
Now,the user response is yet to arrive.
Yet,more such moves are expected in near future in Facebook.

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Nothing is impossible!!

December 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Inspiration for Millions!

Human flight is nothing but creativity of human mind and it undergoes several struggles to achieve excellence. In 1895, a great well-known scientist Lord Kelvin, who was the President of Royal Society of London said, “any thing heavier than air cannot fly, and cannot be flown.” Within a decade, Wright Brothers proved man could fly of course at heavy risk and cost.

On the successful completion of Moon Mission in 1969, Von Braun, a very famous rocket designer, who built Saturn-V, to launch the capsule with astronauts and made moon walk a reality, in 1975 said “If I am authorized, I will remove the word impossible”.

In ancient days, Ptolemaic astronomy is a widely used system in calculating the dynamics of various stars and planets. Assumption by then was that the earth is flat. What a scientific struggle had to take place to prove that the earth is spherical in shape orbiting around the sun. The three great astronomers Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler had to give a new dimension to the world of astronomy. Today we take it for granted that earth is a globe, orbiting around the sun, and the sun orbits in the Milky Way. All the technological advancements we have today are the outcome of scientific exploration of scientists of earlier centuries. At no time, man was beaten by problems. He strives continuously to subjugate impossibility and then succeeds.

According to the laws of aerodynamics the bumble bee should never be able to fly. Because of the size, weight, and shape of its body in relationship to the total wing span, flying is scientifically impossible. The bumble bee, being ignorant of scientific theory, goes ahead and flies anyway.

By, Dr. APJ Abdulkalam