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November 18, 2012 2 comments

Hey Aloo why 21?
A tough question, I must say.
See,21 has special place in my life.On 21 September,2012 I met her first in her college.
So,to celebrate that special number.We are launching it on 21 November.
(Not describing too much :P)
N why the name “Hawurl”?
As I have told earlier, that I have one “special” friend whose message act as my lifeline.
We use Whatsapp and keep on chating on most random things(Read it Fighting 😛 ).
And the best thing about these chats is the way this “HAW” comes in between.
I have listened this particular word through her quite a few times and I just love her ascent.
So,while selecting the domain name I had few choices in my mind.
I was looking for, but that was already sold (Fortunately!).
While I was scratching my head for the domain name.
For taking a break, I decided to go through our crazy and funny chats.
For my surprise,I found this “HAW” used frequently.
This was HIT. 😛
I searched for and within few clicks purchased that.
So,frankly speaking it’s a great name and I know guys with all your blessings, I will make a dent in the universe.
Thank you


Nayi Roshni-2

May 17, 2012 1 comment

The second lyrics in the series.Hope you will enjoy it:

Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai
Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai
Khabon mai ik taalash hai
Lagta hai tu kahin paas hai
Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai
Yaadon main sirf teri yaad hai
Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai
Jeevan mai hai tu yun ghuli
Baaton mai teri baat hai
Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai
Tu mile to khuda mila
Jine ka hai ye falsafa
Raab se yahi fariyaad hai
Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai
Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai


Nayi Roshni-1

May 17, 2012 1 comment

Written in the velapanti moments by your buddy Anmol Garg.Hope you will enjoy it:

I love u ma angel
I love u ma angel
I love u ma angel
I love u ma angel o o
Jaise ho koi subah suhani
Jaise ho koi baat purani
Jaise ho behta sa pani
Waise hi tum meri Jindagi
Meri har khushi hai tumse
Meri sanse bhi hain tujhse
Aur tum ho meri bandagi
Jo bhi hai wo duayein teri hain
Main hoon tera or tu meri hai
Bha gai mujhe teri saadgi
I love u ma angel
I love u ma angel
I love u ma angel
I love u ma angel o o


Those Awesome mornings

December 14, 2011 4 comments

After having dinner at 8 pm, we all got back to our usual tasks.
These usual tasks included chitchat with girlfriends,discussing national issues<:D>,sleeping and sometimes study<:P>.
Anyhow lot of us had the ability to wake up till the morning.
Upto 4’o’clock,our stomach used to become empty.
What to do now?

We then decided to get to our morning breakfast that too at 4 am.
On Talwandi circle which was about 2 KMs from our hostel,some “Poha” sellers used to arrive at 4 am.
One plate cost was 5 Rs. Only.
How it was?



“Poha” used to be mild boiled.Chopped onion,tomato and chilli’s were mixed into it.Chat masala and lemon were sprinkled on it.To give it a all together different flavors.
I have told you the complete breakfast recipe.
Try it out<:D>.
So, the yellow colored “Poha” used to be our morning sun.
I still miss “Poha” n Kota.
More specially , I miss the guys @Kota.