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The Team

April 13, 2012 Leave a comment

It was the month of march 2012.
A lot of happenings were taking place in the surroundings.
The CS departmental library was on full swing.
One day the idea of designing a Sumira specific website struck to the mind.
So,Work Started!!!
This website has a lot of brains behind it.
So,its time to give credits to all of them.
Vikram Sir(Faculty,GLBIMR), he is the soul person behind the beautiful designs of the website(Without him the website would be a mess).
Anshul Sir and Aman Ma’am(Faculties,IT,GLBITM) for extending their round the clock support.
Neha Gupta,Rohit Sinha,Nidhi Singh,Kshitij Chaudhary & Megha Gupta(Colleagues,Team Sumira ) provided the creative inputs.
A lot of unnamed persons gave their valuable suggestions.
Thank you all
It’s a team effort.