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An open letter to Game_Changers

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello Team mates!
Very good evening, hope you are doing good.
The last two days have been fun working with you guys.
I would like to present my point of view as well I invite all of you to participate in discussion actively.
1>>We are just 2 days young as a team, we are passionate n willing to work but the direction is a bit confusing at times. Please, be the light in those moments. We should promise it today that we have to take it as a commitment n should not get diverted from it. One day money will flow in but we should not focus on money as primary objective.
2>>Resources usability:-
We are lacking in terms of resources. We are having just one net connection. Today the PC count increased to 3. Well! not an issue. It happens in any of the startup in initial days. But,one thing i would like to point out here is that please contribute voluntarily. Create resources n share them with your team-mate.
As we are in very initial stage, our targets are loosely bound. But whatever you find you can do your best today, make that particular thing your target. One more thing, please do not look at me that i should define some targets. Gosh! we are at same level n you are mature enough. Just understand the vision n keep rolling the best of your working skills. 🙂
As we are flat startup, we don’t have to report to any boss. 🙂
But we have 11 life’s , to whom we should be answerable. When one of my team-mate says to me, “Anmol, I am not seating for placements” , seriously it means a lot. So please, make sure whatever small or big stuff you are contributing, keep posting that on group. It will increase transparency in the team n will also put a clear picture together that what things are done by whom. It increases the motivation level as well! Believe or not, It works.

Keep on fighting,we have to go a long way to move the mountains together.
I am writing this post while I am seating in fever n cold with one eye open with a believe that my team-mates will change the game one day.

Keep up the great work together.
Your Team-mate
An optimistic Game_Changer
P.S. :- Please do visit n like us on facebook at .
At the moment you are reading this post, HawURL is 13000+ redirects strong n still counting.

Advertisements and a little story :P

November 18, 2012 2 comments

Hey Aloo why 21?
A tough question, I must say.
See,21 has special place in my life.On 21 September,2012 I met her first in her college.
So,to celebrate that special number.We are launching it on 21 November.
(Not describing too much :P)
N why the name “Hawurl”?
As I have told earlier, that I have one “special” friend whose message act as my lifeline.
We use Whatsapp and keep on chating on most random things(Read it Fighting 😛 ).
And the best thing about these chats is the way this “HAW” comes in between.
I have listened this particular word through her quite a few times and I just love her ascent.
So,while selecting the domain name I had few choices in my mind.
I was looking for, but that was already sold (Fortunately!).
While I was scratching my head for the domain name.
For taking a break, I decided to go through our crazy and funny chats.
For my surprise,I found this “HAW” used frequently.
This was HIT. 😛
I searched for and within few clicks purchased that.
So,frankly speaking it’s a great name and I know guys with all your blessings, I will make a dent in the universe.
Thank you

Nayi Roshni-2

May 17, 2012 1 comment

The second lyrics in the series.Hope you will enjoy it:

Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai
Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai
Khabon mai ik taalash hai
Lagta hai tu kahin paas hai
Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai
Yaadon main sirf teri yaad hai
Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai
Jeevan mai hai tu yun ghuli
Baaton mai teri baat hai
Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai
Tu mile to khuda mila
Jine ka hai ye falsafa
Raab se yahi fariyaad hai
Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai
Mere do nainon ko teri aas hai


Nayi Roshni-1

May 17, 2012 1 comment

Written in the velapanti moments by your buddy Anmol Garg.Hope you will enjoy it:

I love u ma angel
I love u ma angel
I love u ma angel
I love u ma angel o o
Jaise ho koi subah suhani
Jaise ho koi baat purani
Jaise ho behta sa pani
Waise hi tum meri Jindagi
Meri har khushi hai tumse
Meri sanse bhi hain tujhse
Aur tum ho meri bandagi
Jo bhi hai wo duayein teri hain
Main hoon tera or tu meri hai
Bha gai mujhe teri saadgi
I love u ma angel
I love u ma angel
I love u ma angel
I love u ma angel o o


The Team

April 13, 2012 Leave a comment

It was the month of march 2012.
A lot of happenings were taking place in the surroundings.
The CS departmental library was on full swing.
One day the idea of designing a Sumira specific website struck to the mind.
So,Work Started!!!
This website has a lot of brains behind it.
So,its time to give credits to all of them.
Vikram Sir(Faculty,GLBIMR), he is the soul person behind the beautiful designs of the website(Without him the website would be a mess).
Anshul Sir and Aman Ma’am(Faculties,IT,GLBITM) for extending their round the clock support.
Neha Gupta,Rohit Sinha,Nidhi Singh,Kshitij Chaudhary & Megha Gupta(Colleagues,Team Sumira ) provided the creative inputs.
A lot of unnamed persons gave their valuable suggestions.
Thank you all
It’s a team effort.

You Gave Wings To Me

February 25, 2012 6 comments

The journey began:
It was 12th December 2011.
I was sitting with my better half(My Dell Notebook).
The bug had bitten me.I was feeling restless and passionate.Then I thought “Let Me Do Something”.
Within a few clicks the domain name became mine.The experience that I had earned through my previous blogs proved to be very useful here.
The Idea was simple,”Put online everything and anything”. But unfortunately, I am a bit lazy and foodie(Food is my Girlfriend :P) kind of guy.So, have a very little time to write my feelings here.
I apologise!!
Yesterday night!
My brainchild(This Blog) have crossed 1000+ view mark.
So its high time to say a thanks(You guys deserve it) :).
I owe this success to my paa(I acquired his creativity),my maa(I acquired her simplicity),Nehul Varshney(My bestie,She is reading my blogs since no one was here to read them),Harshita Shrivastava(I take all my inspiration from her,I will demand her autograph soon 🙂 ),Tanuj Gupta(Very first buddy who have firm believe in me),Anshul sir(My mentor who always say “You can do it”),Priyank Singhal(My mentor,humanity principal,inspiration and a true friend),Nitiprabha jadon(One of my close associate n truely deserves a party 🙂 ),”Gaurav Sultania,Parikshit Chahar,Krishna Panda,Anurag Sinha,Rahul Bhardwaaj,Gaurav Singh,Ansul Gupta,Sunny Bansal,Hariballabh Dutt Sharma and more(My brothers from the Kota family,those gave me so much!! )”.
I also want to thank all the fellows,friends and mentors.You have provided me with so much love and encouragement.You improved me and made me a better human being.
Last but not the least,I wanna thank my silent readers because this milestone could not be achieved without your efforts,support and love.
Once again,”Thank You” 🙂
You Gave Wings To Me

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Ehsas: Shabdon ki jubaan-3

February 24, 2012 6 comments

Ehsas:Shabdon ki jubaan-3 written by ur buddy @Anmol Garg:

Gaur Farmaiyega

Naraj tumse nahi
Tere is be-rukhe bartav se hoon
Khafa mai tumse nahi
Tere is ankahe algav se hoon
Dooriyan to pehle bhi thin
Aaj bhi hain
Ek pal sochta hoon
Kyun na bhool jaun sab kuch
Aur tera naam mita doon
Par daar lagta hai
kahin ek din tumse hi na pooch bethoon ki “Tum kaun ho?”
Naraj tumse nahi
Tere is be-rukhe bartav se hoon
Is baar shayad tumse baat karne ki himmat na juta paun
Dil chahta hai gumnami ki is bheed mai kahin kho jaun
Naraj tumse nahi
Tere is be-rukhe bartav se hoon
Khafa mai tumse nahi
Tere is ankahe algav se hoon


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