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An open letter to Game_Changers

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello Team mates!
Very good evening, hope you are doing good.
The last two days have been fun working with you guys.
I would like to present my point of view as well I invite all of you to participate in discussion actively.
1>>We are just 2 days young as a team, we are passionate n willing to work but the direction is a bit confusing at times. Please, be the light in those moments. We should promise it today that we have to take it as a commitment n should not get diverted from it. One day money will flow in but we should not focus on money as primary objective.
2>>Resources usability:-
We are lacking in terms of resources. We are having just one net connection. Today the PC count increased to 3. Well! not an issue. It happens in any of the startup in initial days. But,one thing i would like to point out here is that please contribute voluntarily. Create resources n share them with your team-mate.
As we are in very initial stage, our targets are loosely bound. But whatever you find you can do your best today, make that particular thing your target. One more thing, please do not look at me that i should define some targets. Gosh! we are at same level n you are mature enough. Just understand the vision n keep rolling the best of your working skills. 🙂
As we are flat startup, we don’t have to report to any boss. 🙂
But we have 11 life’s , to whom we should be answerable. When one of my team-mate says to me, “Anmol, I am not seating for placements” , seriously it means a lot. So please, make sure whatever small or big stuff you are contributing, keep posting that on group. It will increase transparency in the team n will also put a clear picture together that what things are done by whom. It increases the motivation level as well! Believe or not, It works.

Keep on fighting,we have to go a long way to move the mountains together.
I am writing this post while I am seating in fever n cold with one eye open with a believe that my team-mates will change the game one day.

Keep up the great work together.
Your Team-mate
An optimistic Game_Changer
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How to set your facebook username?

December 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Have you ever wondered after watching your friends easy to access facebook URL.

Here comes your solution,follow these simple steps.
2.A page will open with following screenshot:

Screen shot

Facebook username screenshot

3.Enter the desired username.
4.If available it will be provided ,otherwise  try another username combination.
5.Now you have done the task!!


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