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What happened today morning?

December 5, 2012 1 comment

What Happened today morning(Read with patience):-
While I was crossing the Parichowk in the morning.
One old person grabbed my hand so that i can help him passing the Parichowk.
I agreed.
In the meanwhile he asked me what I am doing,from where n many such things.(I just love when people ask me questions because they expect answers from me)
I answered all his questions n we crossed the pathway.
N Guess who the man was? 🙂
Guys He was Sir Prakash Mitra himself.
Ex-Scientist, Bhabha Atomic research center.
(Have been part of Pokhran Test) n an amid innovator.
His recent innovation is low power consuming indicators for battery operated vehicles.He also invited me to visit his innovation lab.
I will be there for sure.
It was a pleasure meeting him.
#God is always up.
#I am feeling Omega
P.S. : Your good morning call made my day awesomest 😛

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