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November 18, 2012 2 comments

Hey Aloo why 21?
A tough question, I must say.
See,21 has special place in my life.On 21 September,2012 I met her first in her college.
So,to celebrate that special number.We are launching it on 21 November.
(Not describing too much :P)
N why the name “Hawurl”?
As I have told earlier, that I have one “special” friend whose message act as my lifeline.
We use Whatsapp and keep on chating on most random things(Read it Fighting 😛 ).
And the best thing about these chats is the way this “HAW” comes in between.
I have listened this particular word through her quite a few times and I just love her ascent.
So,while selecting the domain name I had few choices in my mind.
I was looking for, but that was already sold (Fortunately!).
While I was scratching my head for the domain name.
For taking a break, I decided to go through our crazy and funny chats.
For my surprise,I found this “HAW” used frequently.
This was HIT. 😛
I searched for and within few clicks purchased that.
So,frankly speaking it’s a great name and I know guys with all your blessings, I will make a dent in the universe.
Thank you