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What exactly happened that night?

Gaurav Tower @Kota

The entrance for “Bansal Classes” held on 15th June 2008.By the 25th June the results were declared.
And guess what?
I was selected!! wow!
The classes were scheduled to start from 30th June.
Me happily finished the packing and landed in Kota along with my mom.
As my cousin was there in Kota.So,temporary stay was not a problem.
As Kota is blessed with awesome weather,I used to sleep on the floor of the room.
Now,the main task started search for an appropiate accomodation.
Next day,Me along with my mom visited a lot of accomodations.
But nothing got selected!!
That night,me ,deepak and ankur decided to make a search.
After having dinner,we left the room.
Roamed here and there.Talked about happenings worldwide.
But,the agenda i.e.”Searching for a room” just went missing.
Suddenly,Ankur told,”Bhaiya! Room to dekh lo.”
Suddenly,we got to a building that was looking like a hostel.
It was all dark.
The gate of the building was having dim light on adjacent sides.
All we could see were 2-3 mans standing together.
We got to the gate.
One person out of them said,”Re Kaun Hai Bhaya?”<Who Are You?>
Deepak approached them and asked,”Aapke yahan khali room hai kya?”<Do you have any accomodation?>
One of them asked,”Kiske liye chahiye?”<To whom the accomodation is needed>
Deepak pointed at me and said,”Bhaiya ke liye chahiye”.
All of those just got surprised and looked at us from neck to bottom.
They asked us,”Tumhe pata hai yeh kya hai?”<Do you know what is this?>
Deepak replied,”Na”.<No!>
They told,”Beta! Yeh ladkiyon ka hostel hai,isme rehna hai kya?” ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›
We said sorry to them and left to the room.
That’s how our search for room on day 1 ended.
Whenever,I remember this incident.It spreadsย  a smile on my face.
That’s why I love Kota and My Days @Kota.
Hope you enjoyed the article.

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