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New Year Celebrations @Kota

JagMandir @kota

Those days were really amazing.My parents used to send the money on 2nd of every month and by the 15th of the month i used to become bankrupt<kangal :D>.This is the reallity.
Well December was not exceptional!!
It was december 2008.
Wow!! New year was approaching.
Meanwhile,My friend Krishna Panda also took me for late night show of “Ghajini”.It was awesome.We truly enjoyed the night.


After the month full of studies,pressure of performance,late night Jugalbandi’s and loads of fun finely arrived the dream evening.
vo!! It was 31st december.
While returning from the classes,our gang noticed that some hostels are arranging for evening party<Well! our hostel was not included>.
In the evening,I was standing outside the hostel.Suddenly,my cousin Deepak<Chintu> arrived.
He offered me dinner at Jodhpur restaurant.How could i deny the offer?<:D>
I accompanied him.Me,Deepak,Ankur n one more guy headed to the Restaurant.
None of us were having even a single penny into our pockets.
We first searched for the ATM nearby.Luckily! we got one very near.
After having money,we entered in the restaurant to get our dream meal!!
I dont know exactly what we eat there.
Only thing i remember was the soupe.
It ended well and we returned from there.
After wishing to each other,we headed to our room’s.
I got onto my study table and prepared the New Year “Resolution” that too in encoded form<:P>.
Pasted it well on wall.Got to my bed for relaxing.
Suddenly, Anurag entered the room with a deadly smile on the face.
He said”sale!! Aaj bhi soyega,Aaj party hai!!”.
I was in full surprise.
I asked him where?
“Terrace!”,he replied very softly.
Now,I had to leave my bed.
We all got to the terrace.All the spare wooden furniture of the hostel collected and was set on fire!!

Jali to jali!! 😀

After a while,the fire began to disaapear.We decided to burn the “Khas sheets”<used in water coolers,our hostel got the shipment of new sheets>.
Within a while, Khas sheets were also burned.
What to do next?
Now comes the spare study material<Raddi>.It was also puted on flame.
Till the 2 am of 1st January,2009,we enjoyed lot.
It was the most memorable New year celebration ever in my life and very special too!.

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  1. Tanuj
    December 16, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    So what u hav done in d party….. pls tell us in detail….. but i must say a true surprise new’s nyt 4 u…..

  2. December 18, 2011 at 12:12 am

    Details will be posted soon
    n last sentence samajh ni aya

  3. nehul varshney
    December 18, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    wish u alwaz celbrte in same way as u did in kota…….

  4. February 24, 2012 at 5:39 pm


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